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Pornstar Bar

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Buying Quirky Presents for friends is easy with the Personalised Pornstar Bar©

The classic Way to Make up a pornstar name is their first pet name  and the mothers Maiden Name of the recipient!

Take their First Pets Name… FlopsyAnd their Mothers Maiden Name… Dickens.

Add them together you get their Pornstar Name = Flopsy Dickens!

You will be amazed at what names crop up.

Or You can just make up your Own Pornstar Name if you like!

This Fair trade  100g Milk Chocolate bar is just Perfect. Each Bar you can add a message to the back instead of a buying a Separate card.A unique gift indeed perfect gift idea for him, birthdays, christmas. Any you can thing of!.
These make amazing Birthday and Christmas Presents for close friends and Family alike.

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