personalised number plates

personalised number plates

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Ever dreamt of owning your own personalised number plates. Well you can here be it a Happy Birthday, or celebrating Driving Test, Christmas, Exam Results or Valentines. This personalised plate in made out of milk chocolate.  You can even have your own car personalised number plates put onto the chocolate bar wrapper! The DVLA cannot even supply this service!. We accept no swear words as personalised number plates, well, go on then!.The Quality of Our Fairtrade milk chocolate is second to none and the quality of the overall gift will have you coming back for more. This Fair trade  100g Milk Chocolate bar is just Perfect. Each Bar you get to add a message to the back instead of a card.

You Can Add the Name for a 50th Birthday Eg DAVE 50

or if you have purchased a new Plate for your Loved ones just add it into the message section DAV 4OT

You be creative!.

Personalised Number plates, Happy Birthday, Personalised Gift

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