Personalised Campbells Tomato Soup

Personalised Campbells Tomato Soup

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Limited Edition 50 Personalised Campbell Tomato Soup Warhol Edition EXCLUSIVE TO UNIQUE GIFTZ 

 Personalised Soup!.   It has been just over 50th Years since Andy Warhol's famous Homage to Campbells Soups and uniquegiftz now pays homage to them . This Super Premium personalised Campbells Soup really is a collectors item so you will need to be very very quick to get one of these. You choose the occasion and what information you require and we will design the rest. The detail on this Personalised Campbell Soup is just fantastic. The name is in the bar code, Name, Date and Message for a totally personalised unique gift. As Andy worhol once famously said "Everybody will have their 15 minutes of Fame". But not everyone will have one of these!. Trust for great original gift ideas. Product is Campbell Soup 295g.

ORDER BY 2PM 1st Class post for Next Day delivery.


The Quality of our Labels are designed to Last and must not be confused with Cheaper similar products. They are designed with the highest Quality Silver/Plain Film which is Covered by Protective film. We take great care and attention to detail to give a unique detailed high quality product.


 Enjoy Alcohol Responsibly    You must be 18+ to purchase this product. Please purchase and use these gifts responsibly. For more information, visit

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